This application allows you to broadcast and see the mood of the people around you. It does this by setting a some Mood tags on your own device.

Download the Source Code

This source code shows you how to get started using LocalSocial and walks you through the very initial elements you need to use in the LocalSocial Library on Android, and in the LocalSocial API.

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In this example we are only interested in certain proximity events so we will use the Observer adapter classes to simplify the implementation. In addition, the discovered event goes remote so we should implement the callback in an AsyncTask.

Tag Tasks

The async task for device discovered is implemented in the following code. The only detail of note is the fact that the TagRemote#get call can take a comma separated string with the names of the tags you want to access. This can be handy if you have a lot of tags and you want to narrow it down to a particular few.