LocalSocial is an In-Store Engagement Platform for retailers, venue owners and others to add in-store engagement features to their mobile apps and services. We use Low Energy Bluetooth beacons (such as Apple iBeacons) to trigger in-store engagements of different kinds when people are near to something of interest.

1 - Register here for API keys

You’ll need to register each LocalSocial app you’re working on to get the access keys to use the API.

2 - Read the documentation

Obviously, you need to read all the documentation before you touch any code. *

iOS Developer Guide 0.5

Android Developer Guide (forthcoming)

3 - Download the sample apps and library

See LocalSocial in action - Fork and clone the demo code from GitHub.

iOS Demo App

Android Demo App (forthcoming)

(* Of course, we aren’t so naïve to think you’ll actually go about it in that order).